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YouDJ Premium
Unlock all DJ tools on the YouDJ website
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Many cool DJ tools are locked with the free version of YouDJ. Go premium and unlock all DJ tools :
Unlock 12 effects

For maximum fun and creativity, YouDJ Premium includes
18 great sound effects such as :

  • slicer - slice the sound in mini pieces
  • looper - small loops will make your crazy
  • flanger - the must-have dj effect
  • justin bieber - make him sound like a girl ;)
  • reverbator - music sounds like in a BIG club
  • bit crusher - distor music 8bits style
  • max speed - extrem speed from 0 to 300%
  • add drums - add some bass kicks or claps
  • beatmasher - beats are mashed in a new way
  • reverse - all the beats are reversed
  • echo delay - in a cool echo chamber
  • ping pong - where is the sound coming from?
  • epic brake - epicness at its best :)
  • vibrato - energetic modulation
  • resonance - frequency resonator
  • phaser - spacey phasing effect
  • blower - bring the wind into the mix
Unlock 70 samples

To spice up your mix, YouDJ Premium includes
84 short sounds (also called 'samples') such as :

  • Fun sounds
    Evil laugh, donkey, scream, pikachu,
    miaow, whip, explosion...

  • Speaker
    In the mix, I'm your DJ, let's gooo, oh my god,
    check this out, put your hands up...

  • Intro sounds
    Countdown, danceclub intros, thx intro...

  • Must have sounds
    Siren, scratch, distortion, fx, drums...
Unlock all pro tools
  • 4 hotcues
    Unleash your creativity with the hotcues which
    allow to play with music like a piano!

  • Manual BPM control and beatsync
    YouDJ ajusts the tempo and sync the beats automatically
    Do like a pro, do it manually!

  • BPM column in the song list
    Help you to select the right track at the right moment

  • Turn on/off keylock
    Preserve the tone when you the speed change

  • Add high frequency and gain knobs

  • Beatjump, pitchbend, CDJ Cue...
Unlock all settings
  • Keyboard shortcuts
    Control the DJ mixer with your keyboard instead of
    your mouse. Faster and more accurate!

  • Headphone preview
    Pre-listen to the next song in your headphone
    like a real DJ! (with a Y-splitter)

  • Video external screen
    Instead in background, display the video and
    picture on a separate screen!

  • Big waveforms
    Get a better visualization of the song
    with the big waveforms.

  • Lower audio latency

  • Bass boost
And more...
  • Enjoy the future premium features
    Don't worry, your subscription is forever, you will be able to enjoy
    the future premium features (like the future playlist system).

  • No Advertisement
    With the premium account, be sure that you won't see any
    annoying ads on the site. (except for Youtube ads inside videos)

  • Support us (know more about us...)
    Making an app like YouDJ takes lot of time. Your money will allow us to
    continue working on it and to build new features! Thank you so much!! :)

Unlock YouDJ, forever :)
This is an one-time payment (not a subscription!) and costs $ 5.90 all included.

Once you paid, all DJ tools on the site will be unlocked for an unlimited time.

You shouldn't need a PayPal account, you can just pay with your credit card too.
Unlock only ($ 5.90)
Info : Add only $ 9 to unlock all DJ tools AND to download the YouDJ Desktop app too!
The YouDJ Desktop app allows some amazing new features, such as :
Mix your MP3 filesSave your mix as MP3Unlock all DJ toolsUse it offline
Unlock + Download ($ 19.90 $ 14.90)
Click to learn more about the Desktop app...
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YouDJ PremiumYouDJ DesktopYouDJ Desktop with MIDI
12 more sound effects unlocked12 more sound effects unlocked12 more sound effects unlocked
70 more samples unlocked70 more samples unlocked70 more samples unlocked
All pro features unlockedAll pro features unlockedAll pro features unlocked
10 more settings unlocked10 more settings unlocked10 more settings unlocked
Mix your mp3 files from your computerMix your mp3 files from your computer
Record and save your mixes on your
computer as audio or video files
Record and save your mixes on your
computer as audio or video files
Use it offlineUse it offline
MIDI control with all MIDI controllers
within the app and the website
Professional use allowed
More PRO features to come...
Price : $ 5.90Price : $ 19.90 $ 14.90 *Price : $ 29.90 $ 24.90 *
Unlock nowUnlock + Download nowUnlock + Download now
* ⏰ This 30% discount is limited in time and will end the 30th June at 12:00pm EST. All prices are one-time payments, not subscriptions.
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"Holy shit this is fun. I'm terrible at mixing but it still makes me feel awesome" - Reddit

"Best money I have ever spent. Works beautifully, thank you so much for making this available :)" - Disqus

"Wow this is so amazing! I can use this for party! I'm now a DJ" - Google Store

"Such a simple interface, yet is a very powerful app" - Google Store

"Super fun and highly addictive" - DigitalDJTips


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