DJ level 1
Bedroom DJ
12 more effects
70 more samples
unlock all pro tools
12 more settings
DJ level 2
Club DJ
download YouDJ Desktop
mix your mp3 files
record your mix on your computer
advanced video mixing
mix offline
DJ level 3
Superstar DJ
download YouDJ Desktop Pro
compatible with all MIDI controllers
advanced headphones preview
public use license
mobile apps unlock
DJ hardware
MIDI DJ controllers, headphones cables, everything you need...
YouDJ mobile app
YouDJ is now availabe as a mobile app for iOS and Android.
YouDJ on your website
You can now integrate the YouDJ mixer on your website to allow your users to mix your music! Perfect to showcase your music, marketing campaigns, even for commercial use...
Available now !
your website
your music
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Baby DJBedroom DJClub DJSuperstar DJ
Free DJ tools
Online mix recording and sharing
12 more sound effects unlocked
70 more samples unlocked
All pro features unlocked
12 more settings unlocked
Download the YouDJ desktop software
for PC / Mac / Chromebook
Mix your mp3 files from your computer
Record and save your mixes on your computer as audio or video files
Advanced video mixing
Use it offline
MIDI control with all MIDI controllers
Multi-channel soundcards (headphones cueing)
iOS and Android apps unlocked as bonus
Public / Professional license
Free :)$5.9029.90 $19.90 *39.90 $29.90 *
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* ⏰ This 30% discount is limited in time and will end the January 26th at 12:00pm EST. All prices are one-time payments, not subscriptions.
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