Some DJ Hardware you might need
The products below are all sold by Amazon, we don't sell them ourselves! the prices are just indication.
MIDI controllers
A MIDI controller is an USB device you plug on your computer. Most of them also contains a soundcard to plug headphones.
Hercules DJControl Compact
See on Amazon (around $69 )
Numark DJ2GO2
See on Amazon (around $79 )
Hercules DJControl Starlight
See on Amazon (around $89 )
Numark Party Mix
See on Amazon (around $99 )
Pioneer DDJ 200
See on Amazon (around $129 )
Hercules DJControl Inpulse
See on Amazon (around $119 )
Numark Mixtrack Pro 3
See on Amazon (around $199 )
Pioneer DDJ 400
See on Amazon (around $229 )
Pioneer DDJ SB3
See on Amazon (around $239 )
Headphone splitter cables
If you only have one stereo output (no midi controller), you need a special cable which splits the stereo signal to plug headphones.
Traktor Headphones Cable
See on Amazon (around $10 )
Griffin Headphones Cable
See on Amazon (around $8 )
Hosa Headphones Cable
See on Amazon (around $5 )
DJ headphones
If you want to step up your DJ game and style, you will need good headphones. Here are the most popular ones.
Sennheiser HD 25
See on Amazon (around $99-$199 )
Audio-Technica ATH-M40x
See on Amazon (around $84 )
Sennheiser HD280 PRO
See on Amazon (around $80 )
DJ audio interfaces
If you don't have a midi controller and might need a DJ soundcard which with 2 stereo outputs for plugging headphones.
Traktor DJ Audio Interface
See on Amazon (around $119 )
Pyle 2 channels Soundcard
See on Amazon (around $54 )
KEKU 2 channels Soundcard
See on Amazon (around $16 )
DJ audio mixers
Here is a selecting of DJ audio mixers. It is like controllers but only for the mixer part (eq, volume faders, crossfader...).
Numark M6 USB Mixer
See on Amazon (around $119 )
Traktor Kontrol Z1 Mixer
See on Amazon (around $219 )
Mixfader Wireless Fader
See on Amazon (around $95 )
DJ launchpads
Here a selection of MIDI launchpads. These device are like an instrument which allow to create music live.
Novation Launchpad X Grid
See on Amazon (around $179 )
Midiplus Smartpad
See on Amazon (around $54 )
NI Maschine Mk3
See on Amazon (around $259 )
Vinyl turntables
Nothing can match the feeling and the style of mixing with vinyls. Scratching on vinyl is just the best DJ experience ever.
Pioneer PLX-500-K
See on Amazon (around $349 )
Audio-Technica LP120X USB
See on Amazon (around $249 )
Crosley C200 Turntable
See on Amazon (around $189 )
DJ speakers
You will need some loud speakers for your next party or simply to blast the ears of your neighbors :)
Pioneer DJ Monitor DM40
See on Amazon (around $149 )
JBL PartyBox 100
See on Amazon (around $299 )
Hercules DJSPEAKER 32
See on Amazon (around $109 )
Party lights
You will need some crazy lights to turn your room into a nightclub! They are pretty cheap too.
OMERIL Disco Ball
See on Amazon (around $15 )
Led Laser Projector
See on Amazon (around $28 )
RGB 3 Lens Laser Light
See on Amazon (around $39 )
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