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Everybody can become a DJ
The main mission of YouDJ is to make DJing the easiest as possible. Powerful technologies such as AutoSync or AutoBPM will assist you to mix music like a PRO even if you have no preliminary knowledge. If you are a new DJ, YouDJ is the best first DJ software to use!
All must-have DJ tools
Despite that YouDJ is a minimalist DJ software, it includes all must-have DJ tools : 2 virtual turntables, 16 sound effects such echo/flanger/crusher, sampler with 80 built-in samples, realistic vinyl scratching, auto beat synchronization, keylock, seamless loops, playlist automix, hotcues, 3 bands equalizer, crossfader, music visualization (party mode), MIDI control, headphones...
Preloaded with music
YouDJ is preloaded with 3000 songs, you don't need to have your own music! These songs are provided by emerging artists so please support them. In addition, you can play music from different sources : YouTube, your local MP3 files, Beatport, Beatsource, Google Drive, Dropbox, iTunes...
Also a mobile app !
Besides the desktop app, YouDJ is also available on mobile and tablets as FREE app !
YouDJ is the only DJ software available on all platforms, including iOS and Android.
* for now I only pushed the brand new version on iOS

Mix with YouDJ online!
YouDJ web version, no install
     Download YouDJ now!
Available on all platforms
Who made YouDJ ?
Hey I am Erik, the solo programmer of YouDJ. I worked by passion for 15 years to build this app.
I hope you will like my DJ app and it will make your life a little bit better :)
YouDJ developer in action YouDJ developer in action bis
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YouDJ has been used more than 100 millions times. From young to older people, from all around the world, the music and the fun bring everybody together! Welcome to the YouDJ community :)
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