Open digital marketing position
YouDJ is a DJ software and application available on all desktop and mobile plaforms, with 100M unique visits.
The YouDJ mission is to be the most fun and easy DJ app, so everybody can mix like a pro, without any preliminary knownledge.
YouDJ is a passion-project of one programmer since 2009. YouDJ operates like a startup and not like a corporate.
I am currently looking for a marketing-oriented professional for a full-time or part-time position for at least 6 months.

Main tasks for this position
1. Create viral/marketing video content on YouTube/Instagram/Tiktok (2-3 videos per day)
2. Spread YouDJ on the web, relevant web pages should show YouDJ (contact website owners)
3. Create a set of tutorial videos for the desktop app and mobile app
4. Prospect for great artists/labels on SoundCloud, to promote on YouDJ (artist relation)
5. Prospect for influencers on YouTube/Instagram/Tiktok who wants to talk about YouDJ
6. In charge of replying to users on every channels

Requirements for the position
1. You must be a professional or an intern (college student)
2. Ideally, you must have experience or an education related to marketing
3. You must be familiar with DJ softwares, culture and electronic music (important!)
4. Your spoken and written english must be very good and without a strong accent
5. Being creative, having a can-do attitude, self managed, well organized

Salary and more
3000 USD per month (fulltime), a bit less if you don't have all requirements
Full remote position, no predefined work hours
For at least 6 months, first month will be a trial

If interested send your CV and demos to me (Erik the programmer) at
I don't have any open position for technical jobs...

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