Create a video of you using YouDJ
You are an user of YouDJ and you love the free YouDJ mobile app? Please help me to create video content for YouDJ.
Here is the exact requirement for the video you will film :
1. the video duration must be from 20 to 90 seconds
2. the video must show YOU with a phone running the YOUDJ mobile app (so you need a second phone to film!)
3. the phone with the YOUDJ mobile app must be visible most of the time in the video
4. during a least a few seconds, the video must show a close up on the YOUDJ mobile app (you can zoom on the phone or show the phone to the camera)
5. you must interact / play with the YOUDJ app (pushing buttons, scratching turntables...)
6. you must look happy using the YOUDJ app, but I know you are haha
7. optionally you can speak and say that the YOUDJ app is amazing, in your native language
8. optionally you can have DJ equipments in the background if you are a DJ
9. the video must be VERTICAL, good quality, well lit and not shaky
The price is 30 usd per video via PayPal or I can also turn you DJ level 3 :)
You can also film your friends to create several videos.
If interested send your video to me (Erik the programmer) at

Open UI designer position
Looking for a freelancer UI designer good with realistic / neuromorphism / 3D design.
If interested send your portofolio to me (Erik the programmer) at

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