Ambassador DJs program
You are a DJ? please help me to inspire the next generation and to spread your passion :)
As you know, the main mission of YouDJ is to make DJing the most easy as possible. So I am looking for DJs who are excited about this mission and eager to help inspiring other people who wants to become DJs too.
As an ambassador DJ, you will have the opportunity to introduce the YouDJ software to your audience with a small video, while also gaining exposure to a wider audience through the YouDJ platform, where I will share your DJ mixes and social links.
In addition, I will pay you a little bit too of course, but don't forget that I am not a big company but just a passionate solo programmer and that the YouDJ mobile app is the only DJ app which is entirely free with no ads 0:)
If you want to join the YouDJ ambassador DJs program, please contact me directly
Erik the programmer
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